Eisenhauer Administration

Eisenhauer Administration pushes the envelope of rock music combining intelligent writing with hard edged musical expression.  Each band member brings to the fold an exciting element.  An acoustic riff will be answered by a clamour of effects and a driven rhythm section.  The dynamic result blurs the boundaries of pop, rock and alternative.  Stephen Eisenhauer (vocals, guitar, keyboards) called on his evil friends Matthew McKernan (violin, effects), Marcus Paquin (Bass) and Mike Shulha (Drums) to create an energetic sound that is most frequently compared to Jeff Buckley and Radiohead.  The band fashioned out of their extensive musical training, that varies from Classical and Jazz to Drum & Bass, a fireball that is attractive to fans of wide musical interests and tastes.  The band is very excited with the recent development of their style and is eager to present their new material having previously released three albums, Beautiful, Flow Off In Envy, and The Beta Facets.  Eisenhauer Administration is currently working on the much anticipated fourth album Re-election.



Sweet Sweet Sweet

Flow off in Envy
The Beta Facets

Midnight Blue
Artificial Daisy
Arm One Belief
Isaac’s Eyes 

A Fierce Whisper