Welcome to my website!  I use this website as a library and distribution system for my music.  The website consists of two sections.  The first section is for my “classical” works (I use this term loosely to describe anything that doesn’t fall under the category of “rock/pop/folk”) both as a composer and arranger.  The second section is for my singer/songwriter works.  Please peruse both sections and take some time to listen to the music selections offered; I hope that you enjoy what you hear.  Also, I encourage you to contact me (stepheneisenhauer@yahoo.com) as feedback is always appreciated.  Below is the obligatory biography (written in the third person to add a certain tone of seriousness naturally!).


Stephen Eisenhauer is a composer, arranger, and a songwriter, as well as a guitarist, pianist, and singer, currently living and working in Ottawa.  He was born in Ottawa in 1974, and has previously lived and worked in Montréal.  His early music training included lessons in piano, ‘cello, voice, organ, and guitar.  At McGill University, he completed a B.Mus. in vocal music and an M.A. in music theory.  His choral experience began as a choirboy at Christ Church Cathedral in Ottawa, and he continues to be active in several choirs, as a soloist and chorister.


Eisenhauer has composed and published several choral pieces, as well as instrumental music.  He has worked with and has had his music performed by many choirs across Canada, especially in the Montréal and Ottawa areas, but has also had his music performed throughout the United States and Europe.


As a singer/songwriter, Eisenhauer has released four albums, Waiting for Veronica, Flow off in Envy, The Beta Facets, and A Fierce Whisper; he has also been featured on the CBC’s Routes Montréal.